City launches first forest canopy zipline

By Cheryl A. Galili

DO YOU want to traverse the greens of City’s Watershed area by cable? The Forest Canopy and Eco-parks Corporations intend to provide residents and visitors a memorable experience of the city’s forest in the higher “level”.

The company proposes to set up the Puerto Princesa First Canopy and Eco-Parks Corporation (PPFCT) at the Irawan Watershed Area to experience the reality of what Puerto Princesa known as “City in the Forest”.

According to Corporate Manager Roque Breboneria, the company will lease the 3,000 hectares of land located inside the flora and fauna protected area at the Irawan watershed for 25 years to put up an ecological park and set up various structures such as towers, ziplines and the boarding stations, nature trails, green house, bird feeding stations.

The ziplines are the cables that shall “zip” a person through a line from one tower to another. This will make the visitors of Irawan appreciate the trees on the ground level, have the unforgettable experience of zipping through tree tops and viewing the environment from above.

The patrons of the PPFCT shall have the opportunity to explore the Irawan Watershed. They

shall walk under the trees and allow the concept of a forest to become real- the tree barks, leaves

and roots and experience the watershed as they cross the winding river of Irawan. However, they shall have options of being transported onboard a cart pulled by Carabao from the reception office to the boarding station of the canopy tour towers.

The zip experience may be divided into two courses: the basic course and advance course. The basic course is a zipline adventure that is open to anybody without any zipline experience and where there is a very minimal degree of difficulty while the advance course is only open to experienced zipline enthusiast.

Aside from this adventure, the company intends also to put up the following zipline such as canopy skybridge, tarzan swing, fast drop zipline, superman line and other canopy and environment-friendly activities.

Meanwhile, a sports adventure site claims that Zip-lines in the Philippines is fast-drawing a big crowd of action and adventure seekers from all over the world because the extraordinary thrill of being suspended on a cable at considerable heights or the joy of zipping through the woods at a high speed makes zip-lines an action-packed activity.

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2 Responses to City launches first forest canopy zipline

  1. Kevin says:

    Hello from Arizona, USA….Woo hoo! Can’t wait to experience it this summer!!

  2. This is a bit off topic but have any of you thought about options trading?

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